Staff and Master Interns

Our staff looks forward to working with you and your family. We use the Family System theories to work with the family to be able to communicate, restore, connect, attach, and have healthy boundaries. Our staff consist of interning graduate students in their last year as well as licensed MFT's.

Please make sure when choosing your therapist that you choose the right person as interns cannot take insurance. 

Kimberly Schmidt

Clinical Intern

There is one constant in life, and that is change.  Whether you are feeling challenged from a recent change or dealing with an ongoing difficulty, you are not alone.  My intention is to create a healing environment and help you to be your most authentic self.  With compassion, warmth, and respect we can work together to implement strategies to achieve your most desired goals.

I am a graduate student of the MFT Master’s program at Capella University.  I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. My specialties include working with children and couples experiencing divorce and/or blending of families, relationship issues, and other life transitions.

***Interns are not allowed to take insurance clients. They can only take cash paying clients****