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Forms and Consent Page

This area allows you to have access to all the forms you will need to start you and your families journey. Please look below and choose the right category of forms so that I can best assist and get to know you before our first session. If you like you complete and email the forms or bring them in with you a few minutes before our first session.

Man in Blue Shirt

Individual Forms

This form is for individuals who are seeking counseling. You can complete this form before coming to the session and either email it or bring it with you.

Couple Hugging

Couples and Pre-Marital Counseling

These forms can be printed and brought in on the day of service or emailed to me prior to date of service.

Happy family

Family Forms

These forms help me get to know the members of your family. You can print them off before our first session and email or bring them in with you when we begin.

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