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Forms and Consent Page

This area allows you to have access to all the forms you will need to start your and your family's journey. Please look below and choose the right category of forms so that I can best assist in getting to know you before our first session. 

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Intake and Information Form

This form is required before services can begin. Every person over the age of 18 will need to complete this form. In this form, you will find areas that help your therapist get to know you and why you are coming. If you are using insurance there is a space to attach that information so we can verify your services prior to coming.  


Credit Authorization Form

This form is part of the signed agreement in the Intake and Information Form. The form is printable and can be sent via secure office email You can print and bring to the office on the day of your appointment. 


Youth Intake form

This form is for any youth that is coming to get services either with their family or for themselves. We serve families with children as young at 10 years of age in family session and 16 and up for individual sessions. 

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