Insurance and Information


This page will answer questions you may have about insurance what is an intern and quality of care, and the ages and who we see. This page will also connect you to the booking page so you can have your first session!

Insurance Currently Accepting


Blue Cross Blue Shield



Humana Tricare- Out of network Approved Therapist


Who do you see and what age limit?

We see children, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families. We start at age 11 years old and up. Our Masters Level Interns see 10 years old-13 years old and up. Our lead Therapist sees 13 years old and up.


What is a Master's Level Intern?

A Master's Level intern is a graduate student in their last year of school who is receiving an internship at the center to gain face-to-face training, hours for licensing, and supervision from the Licensed Therapist, a Professor, and a Field Director. All of their clients are cash pay clients as they cannot take insurance. They all are clinically trained and center trained before being allowed to engage in therapy. At any time, the lead therapist may observe their work but routinely follow their treatment plans and progress.


How to book a session

You are able to book your sessions online in the booking tab on this website. You also are able to call the office or email in the contact form to set up a session. We are open every day except Sundays and Thursdays. On those days a clinician will return your call on the next business day