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Associate Therapist

Where Passion and Dedication Meet

Melissa Dominguez

Master Intern Therapist

My name is Melissa Dominguez. I am a marriage and family therapist graduate student at Northcentral University. I am a wife, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, and friend. I am gaining a lot of knowledge through my coursework to help families, couples, and individuals. My goal is to help create a new narrative or new understanding of the situation or feelings with new tools. I believe that everybody is an expert in their own lives and I am here to understand and guide them. I am learning how to best form a connection with my clients and create a comfortable environment where clients feel comfortable enough to share.

Curtis Swint

Master Intern Therapist

Curtis Swint is a Master’s level student in General Family Therapy at Northcentral University. He received his bachelor’s in accounting and a master's in theology. As a clinician, Curtis integrates Narrative Therapy to meet the needs of his clients and support their goals. Curtis is a compassionate, curious listener, and honors the beliefs, values, and practices of his clients.

Naphtalie Valentine

Master Intern Therapist

My name is Nephtalie Valentin "Thalie" for short. I am a marriage and family therapy graduate student at Capella University. I have a bachelor's in psychology and a minor in sociology. I aim to practice what I've learned by connecting with you and understanding your situation. Use our time as a judgment-free, safe place for you to feel comfortable sharing your private thoughts and wishes. I value personal growth; I am here as a helping hand, walking alongside you on your journey to change. 


Let's move forward together.

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